Music Night to Benefit Free the Children and Haiti Relief

The Mydas Ascension will be playing at a Music Night at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Peterborough, NH to benefit Free the Children and the Haiti relief effort. Firelight Revolution will also be playing, as well as other artists!

$5 donation kindly requested.

For info:

Sorry Marsha Available in Lossless FLAC Format

We’ve just made Sorry Marsha available in FLAC format. FLAC files are lossless! That is, they are the exact same quality you would get directly from the original CD. If you’re going to burn yourself a copy of Sorry Marsha, do yourself a favour and burn it from the FLACs!

Note: Each FLAC file is 20-30 MB, and the ZIP archive is 287 MB.

Sorry Marsha Digital Release

The Mydas Ascension’s new studio album, Sorry Marsha, is being released today for the first time!

Sorry Marsha is available here at our website on the Music page. You can purchase, download, or stream all the tracks in 192k MP3 or Ogg Vorbis format! Pricing is pay-what-you-want-support-as-you-can! Please share the music with your friends and pass the word around!

Sorry Marsha Front Cover

Sorry Marsha Front Cover

About the Album: Sorry Marsha

Sorry Marsha was recorded in fall and winter of 2008 at the Clark Creative studio in Amherst, NH. It was released in January of 2009.

The entire album is licensed under a Creative Commons license, which means that the audio tracks you download can be freely distributed, though if you post these files on your own website you need to include a link back to this page, The Mydas Ascension. The details of the license are found here:

Creative Commons License

Sorry Marsha by The Mydas Ascension is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

All words and music are ©2009 by Daniel Codispoti, Matthew Codispoti, and Tim Ahern.

The musicians are:

Dan Codispoti: lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Matt Codispoti: drums
Tim Ahern: electric bass, vocals, keyboards

Also, several guest musicians kindly lent their talents to particular tracks:

Ezra Landis played electric guitar on Highway, Blood Is Blood, Atlantis, and Prisoners. Owen Landis worked the bongos and djembe on Blood Is Blood, Twilight and Prisoners, and Emma Ruddock joined us on cello for Gardens, and vocals for Twilight.

Crotched Mountain

The Mydas Ascension will be playing at Crotched Mountain on January 31st at 8 PM. For info, email contact @ themydasascension . com

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