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Sorry Marsha Digital Release

The Mydas Ascension’s new studio album, Sorry Marsha, is being released today for the first time! Sorry Marsha is available here at our website on the Music page. You can purchase, download, or stream all the tracks in 192k MP3 or Ogg Vorbis format! Pricing is pay-what-you-want-support-as-you-can! Please share the music with your friends and […]

Email subscription

New website feature: if you want to receive notification by email about updates we make to the website, including news about upcoming concerts, use the form on the right under Email List Signup, or use our Contact page. You’ll be sent an email to confirm, so if you don’t get one, you may have entered […]

Several New Videos on the Youtube Page!

Hey Everyone!  Be sure to check out our new videos on the Mydas Youtube page – (  It includes a recording of Mice, a repost of Blind, and most of the songs from our Milly’s Show, where we wore Chicken suits.  Thanks to all the fans who showed up to see us!

new songs now on demo page

Five new songs have been posted on the Demo Page. We’ve also added ZIP archives of all 8 tracks so that you can download the demo as a single file. Enjoy the new songs!

Island Demo (3 songs) available for download

You can now download three new recordings by Island from the demo page. They are published under a Creative Commons license, so you have some freedom to distribute and share them. See the demo page for more details.